WHAT: BBC America – Orphan Black, Season 3 digital campaign. 
WEBBY'S 2016 People's Voice Winner and WEBBY'S 2016 Official Honoree!
This was a great project, challenging as always, but we got to work on some pretty exciting new placements, like Celtra Mobile rich media where you could wipe away first screen to reveal another one. And then Huffington Post Reactive Wallpaper that animates while you’re scrolling the page. And it was clickable too! The standard Flash ad turned out pretty cool as well. The client wanted to mimic the static effect from the trailer and use all 4 clones, and so that’s what I did. In 40K.  Take a look below.  
AGENCY: Pixelette Studios
MY ROLE: I designed and animated the flash ad and art directed production staff to produce other sizes. Designed all the takeovers below as well as the Celtra mobile ad. Worked with a project manager to make sure we’re delivering everything on specs and on time.
TOOLS: Photoshop, Flash
Standard Flash, 40K
Celtra Rich Media Ad with a Wipe function. View Ad.
HuffPost Reactive Wallpaper. View Ad.
MarySue Takeover. View Ad.
Undertone PageGrabber. View Ad.
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