WHAT: Series of explainer videos for Dicom Systems.
MY ROLE: The client wanted to create several explainer videos about their products and solutions to share with potential customers. At first, I received a long script that made no sense to me. So I worked very closely with the CTO of the company and the copywriter to make sure I understand every little bit of the information before even going into storyboards. And once we were on the same page I came up with a few concepts and metaphors that would be easy to understand by non-IT people. And with those in mind I drew the storyboards in freehand style thinking that later I would redraw them in illustrator. But the client liked this style so much that we decided to just stick with this illustration style. Then, once my ideas and storyboards were approved I proceeded to animation. 
TOOLS: Flash
OUTCOME: The client was very happy with all 4 videos. He said people laughed during the animation and complemented on it, and most importantly said that the concepts and ideas explained were easy to grasp. 
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