This was one of my favorite projects in 2023. My friend Inna at Caretools Wellness approached me with an inspiring idea—to create an animation that would showcase the spectrum of her holistic wellness services. Together, we created a diverse set of characters, each representing unique physical and mental health challenges that Inna could address. 
Once we had the characters I started working on the storyboard and style frames. However, for various reasons, the project never reached the animation stage and was put on indefinite hold. It happens. 
Nevertheless, I am excited to share our lovely characters and some of the style frames that we created along the way.
Sarah. Has back pain, can’t fall asleep for a long time at night,
constantly worried, and bored.

Greg. Sits all day, has neck pain, depressed.

Niles. Has anxiety and high blood pressure. Stiff hips, shoulders, ankles. Works out daily to relieve anxiety but blood pressure is rising. Anxious about his job and financially supporting his family.

Nadia. Has knee pain (osteoarthritis) and knee valgus. 
Has fallen twice, wants to learn meditation. 

Ira. Shoulder blade pain and tennis elbow. Just started a new position with a lot of responsibility and is very stressed. Prediabetic, likes tennis.

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