WHAT: A personal project of mine that was inspired by Madrid airport. Or rather a video of it that I shot while traveling. As I was watching the clip at home an idea popped into my head. What if I combine live footage with drawn creatures. And these creatures would be not of our world, but living in parallel with us. We wouldn't know they existed, but they would be right there, beside us, living their own little lives. Aaand, here it is. Enjoy!
And if you’re interested in the process, please read below. 
And so it began. First, I drew a few creatures by hand and wrote some notes describing how they would animate. 
Then they had to be digitized, so I brought them into Flash and recreated them in vector. Then I separated all the body parts that would later be animated. 
Next step was to add some texture, so I brought them into Photoshop and tweaked the creatures a bit more. 
Lastly, they were imported into After Effects and animated over the live looping video. And I really liked how the animation came out, but it was too short. So, I drew some more creatures and repeated the whole process. 
In the end, I really like how it came out and the important part I learned a lot during the process. 

TOOLS: Pencil and paper, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects
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