WHAT: HTML5 Game for Warner Brothers Home Entertainment movie release Pan.
AGENCY: Pixelette Studios 
MY ROLE: Art directed the project, designed game screens.
TOOLS: Photoshop, Illustrator

As always it started with an RFP and besides the usual social graphics and standard ads I threw in a game idea. After all, this was a kids’ movie. And amazingly enough WB picked the game. And so we began. 
We started out by layout out the wireframes of the gameplay and discussing all the important details to make sure the game made sense and was fun to play for our target audience – 5-11 year olds. And while the designer was working on the wireframes I started looking through the movie, searching for environments for each of the three levels. 
Once the wireframes and visual concepts were approved we began illustrating and design of the screens and at the same time the development had to be kicked off too, since we were on a very short timeline.
We were very lucky to have very talented Nigel Sassman as our illustrator and Vadim Kudryavtsev as our star developer. And I myself worked on the gameplay layouts. Nigel did an amazing job on creating the backgrounds, the ships, the treasures, the frame and everything else. And Vadim did a stellar job of producing the game. 
Of course there were some back-and-forths and edits, but that’s the creative process and working together as a team I believe we made the game look beautiful and working really well. 

OUTCOME: The client was very happy with the finished game. And the kids whom we asked to play it love it very much. 

Welcome screen
Level one game play
You've finished level 1
Level 2 game play
Level 3 game play
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